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1 year overland journey in South America

Today is 1 year I’m in South America. I have crossed by land all the continent from up(Georgetown) to down(Punta Arenas). Thank you Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile for your warm receiving and unforgettable experience. There is… Read More

amazing experience in Brazil

My fantastic 8 month in Brazil

My fantastic 8 month in Brazil. I’ve entered it from Guyana and started in Boa Vista, went through Amazonia (Manaus, Santarem, Belem), took 42h bus to Brasilia, came to incredible Rio, was keeping staying illegal and left it… Read More

My world journey preview — across Europe to Africa

About journey: around the world, across all continents ascetic and spiritual no hurry, no restrictions learn new stuff, gain new skills closer to nature, sleeping in the tent without flights – by foot or any land/sea transport route… Read More