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I’m letting go to everything that holds me in St. Petersburg and what I have amassed to my 31. And start long term journey towards the life and new opportunities, with gratitude and open heart. Nobody knows where and when this tour will finish, but it doesn’t matter. All what we need — already with us, inside of us. The main point — just to move forward, be aware and open, feel and share the moment.

My objective is to inspire and unite people. I believe that we all are connected. Every person on your life path is not just an accidence. Everyone is your teacher and reflection.

In this blog I gonna write reports about my journey and produced experience. It will be linked with interactive map below.

I have started my journey on 26 of March 2015.

About journey:

  • around the world, across all continents
  • ascetic and spiritual
  • no hurry, no restrictions
  • learn new stuff, gain new skills
  • closer to nature, sleeping in the tent
  • without flights — by foot or any land/sea transport
  • route is adjusted in real time

First part of the route:

St. Petersburg — Dakar, across Europe to Africa. I plan to cross Europe in 3 month and move to Africa through Giblartar. Then: Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal…

Meetings and hosting:

Friends! I’m open to everyone and ready for any adventure. I’m free to meet up new people, make some travel together or hang out somewhere in radius of my route. So just let me know, hope we will connect.

Any help is welcome on my way. If anyone can drop me with transport or host for single night — will be appreciate for this. If some of your friends are active users of Couchsurfing, please, share this page with them.

My contacts:

Viber, Watsapp: +79062776263

Couchsurfing account:

Meanwhile, I want to thank everyone. Who supports and does not support my initiative. Who reads my blog and keep tracking my journey, or if you just an episodic visitor. Thanks in any case.

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